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Haines Solar Cookers

What people are saying…

I love it! It’s so much more practical with the clear cover and the cooking tube to insulate the pot. Easy to check the pot without that plastic bag. On a day that was MOSTLY cloudy I put in potatoes and sweet potatoes to bake, and they were completely cooked!”
–Kathy Dahl-Bredine, Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Oaxaca, Mexico

“Performed better than other solar cookers in the windy California desert.”
–Patricia McArdle, Editor, Solar Cooking Review

Cooks 50% Faster

The Haines Solar Cooker boils water 50% faster than any other panel or box cooker. In side-by-side testing with seven other popular solar cookers, including two box cookers, the Haines Solar Cooker with Haines Dutch Oven heated a liter of water to boiling in one hour. The next-best cooker took an hour and a half, and some cookers never boiled at all. Click here to download a PDF report.  The Haines Solar Cooker scores at the top in convenience and durability as well:

  1. No awkward plastic cooking bag. Pot is accessible during cooking.
  2. Weighs 18 ounces–less than any other cooker.
  3. Stores easily–in a “yoga mat” bag.
  4. Durable–Strong MPET reflector will not oxidize.
  5. Cooks in windy conditions.
  6. Requires less turning as the sun moves (apologies to Galileo).
  7. Low-Priced and affordable.

Best Cooker for:

    • Emergencies, when the power goes out.
    • Campers and boaters.
    • Saving gas and electricity.
    • Reducing dependence on fossil fuel.

Haines Solar Panel
The Haines Solar Panel comes conveniently packaged in a yoga mat bag