Side-by-side Tests of Eight Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers - side by side testsThe Haines Solar Cooker boils water 50% faster than any other panel or box cooker. In August, 2015, we conducted side-by-side testing with seven other popular solar cookers, including two box cookers. In repeated tests over three days, the Haines Solar Cooker with Haines Dutch Oven consistently heated a liter of water to boiling in about an hour. The next-best cooker took an hour and a half, and some cookers never boiled at all. Click here to download a PDF report.

​Wind test:

Patricia McArdle, Editor of the Solar Cooking Review, tested several solar cookers in September, 2014 in California’s Anza-Borrego desert and found that the Haines Solar Cooker was very stable in windy conditions, and that it outperformed every other cooker she tested.

Reciprocal Optical Test

Reciprocal Optical Test
The Haines Solar Cooker requires less “tracking” of the sun because its shape focuses sunlight on the cooking pot even as the sun moves. Dr. William Bradley, Professor Emeritus at Western New England University, who works with Earthbound Tech, conducted a Reciprocal Optical Test of the Haines Solar Cooker on December 11, 2014. The test showed that, during the middle hours of the day (when the sun was around 60 degrees high), it was not necessary to turn the cooker very often, because the shape of the reflector kept the pot hot even as the sun moved, For the test, a Panasonic FZ150 camera was located about 50 feet in front of the cooker at the height of the center of the pot. The center of the pot was located at the center of a 10 inch diameter disk placed as far back in the cooker as possible. The photos show that sunlight is reflected toward all sides plus top and bottom of the cooking pot. ​​