Turning solar cooker materials into face shields for COVID-19 workers

Solar cooker manufacturers Sharon Claussen (Copenhagen Solar Cooker) and Roger Haines (Haines Solar Cookers) have teamed up to make polycarbonate face shields for health care workers.  Roger provides the polycarbonate sheets, and Sharon and her husband Glenn make the shields using a 3D printer.  See photo below.

Solar Cooker Materials for face shield PPE

We will be able to make around 700-800 face shields, and so far have delivered over a hundred tograteful medical personnel.  Many more have been requested, including 200 for Family Health Centers San Diego. Sharon is also working with a couple groups making face masks.

Haines Solar Cookers in Haiti

In late 2019, The Public-Private Alliance Foundation shipped 20 Haines 1.0 solar cookers to Hinche, Haiti, and is training women in how to assemble and use them.  The cookers are part of multi-dimensional training program at the University of Notre Dame in Hinche.

At the end of the class, the students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about what they had cooked, and whether they were likely to continue using the cooker.  Their responses were overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with many saying they would use the cooker “for life.”

Haines Solar Cookers in Haiti

Haines 2.0 Solar Cookers for Refugees in Uganda

In late January 2020, 33 women in the Palabek Refugee Community in northern Uganda received Haines 2.0 Solar Cookers and were extensively trained in how to use them. The project was organized by the Gulu-based Alliance for African Assistance in partnership with the African Refugee Education Project, the San Diego Rotary Club, Solar Household Energy and the Solar Connect Association of Uganda. The goal is to establish 33 women in the community as long-term solar cooking enthusiasts.  Three of the women will be selected by their peers as to conduct periodic surveys to evaluate the long term use and adoption of the cookers, and the possibility of establishing a sustainable solar cooker enterprise in the community.