How to Use

Haines Solar Cookers
Haines 1 (Left) & Haines 2 (Right)

Perfect for camping, boating, emergency preparedness or keeping the heat out of the kitchen on a hot day.  Haines Solar Cookers are affordable and fold up or roll up for easy portability.  No need for charcoal or propane. They cook like an oven; 200-325 F (90-160 C), but almost never burn food.  Healthy because cooking at a low temperature preserves nutrients. Potatoes and vegetables cook without water.  Pasteurize water when camping. Designed and assembled in the United States, the metalized polyester and polycarbonate materials should last 5 years.

Assembling your cooker

Both cookers come with simple assembly instructions, and they have color-coded snaps for quick assembly.  The Haines 2 has two reflector pieces, and more snaps, as shown in this “how to assemble” video.

Cooking with the Haines Solar Cooker

Aim the front (straight side) of the cooker at the sun. If in doubt, stand between the cooker and the sun and aim the front panel at your shadow. Turn the cooker during the day as necessary to keep the straight side aimed at the sun. When the sun is low in the sky, for the Haines 2 use the blue snaps. For the Haines 1, use sticks and a rock to push the front of the cooker down, as shown. When your shadow is shorter than 1/3 of your height, remove the sticks for the Haines 1, and use the red snaps for the Haines 2.

How to Set Up the Haines Solar Cooker


DO NOT leave an empty pot in the cooker in the sun. It may overheat, and damage the cooking sleeve or the reflector. 

Haines 2

Haines 2 on windy days

Put bricks or rocks on the bottom “hold down” flaps.

Haines 1

Haines 1 on a windy day

Slip a string through the corners at the bottom, tied to bricks or rocks set against the sides of the cooker

For both cookers, the circular cover acts as a windscreen on windy days

Cooking Pots

The cooking pot must be BLACK on the outside to absorb the sun’s heat. It must be round with no handles, with a top rim that can rest on the top of the clear plastic cooking sleeve. The lid must also be BLACK on the outside or clear glass. The Haines Cooking Sleeve requires a round pot that has a top rim and no handles.

Haines 4 1/2 Quart Cookpot

This stainless steel pot and glass lid with silicone rim is perfect for solar cooking.

  • Stainless steel is safe and durable.
  • The glass lid makes cooking visible, and insulates better than metal lids.
  • The silicone handle and rim protect the glass, and will not degrade in the sun.

Tip: Make your own heat-retaining basket

Heat Retaining Basket

Food cooked during the day can be kept piping hot for the evening meal by placing the pot into an insulated container, such as a basket surrounded by towels, aluminum foil or other insulating materials.