Test Results

The SunUp Solar Cooker Heats almost twice as fast

In late January 2018 we conducted side-by-side tests in Del Mar, California, comparing the new cooker with (1) our original Haines cooker, (2) our Haines-Copenhagen, and (3) the popular “CooKit.”

Haines Solar Cooker Test Results
SunUp│Haines-Copenhagen│Original Haines│SunUp

Haines Solar Cooker Test
SunUp     │     CooKit

Haines Solar Cooker Test ResutltsCloud and wind conditions varied over the four days of testing, but under all conditions, SunUp, the new Haines 2.0 cooker, consistently heated a liter of water almost twice as fast as the other solar cookers. The time it took for each cooker to reach 82 C. is shown in the table at right.

Significantly, the new SunUp reached 100 C. every day of testing, despite clouds, wind, or cool temperatures that caused the other cookers sometimes to “top out” between 82 C. and 92 C. For that reason we selected 82 C. as the temperature to compare the cookers.