Test Results

Haines 2 Solar Cooker Heats almost twice as fast

In late January 2018 we conducted side-by-side tests in Del Mar, California, comparing the new Haines 2 cooker with our original Haines 1 cooker, and a standard “CooKit.”  [also included was our discontinued “Haines-Copenhagen” cooker].

Haines Solar Cooker Test Results
Haines 2│Haines-Copenhagen│Haines 1│Haines 2

Haines Solar Cooker Test
Haines 2     │     CooKit

Haines Solar Cooker Test ResutltsCloud and wind conditions varied over the four days of testing, but under all conditions, the new Haines 2 cooker, consistently heated a liter of water almost twice as fast as the other solar cookers. The time it took for each cooker to reach 82 C. is shown in the table at right.